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to Diana's Piano Studio located in Nanaimo, BC, Vancouver Island.
If you're not having fun, don't do it.  That also applies to music.  Learning music is a wonderful experience that can be taught to all ages.  To play the piano can bring much joy to all who listen and all who play.  I want you to have fun while learning, that's how I play, and that's how I teach.

Piano Lessons once a week. 

My House:
$20.00 half hour
$40.00 full hour 

Your House:
$30.00 half hour
$60.00 full hour

Learn to play and read music in 6 months.
Piano learning keeps the mind alert and the fingers nimble.



  • I have been teaching for over 30 years to all ages.

  • I have 8 years accompanying piano for choirs.

  • 6 years playing piano professionally in different dance bands and night clubs.


  • Grade 10 Piano, grade 4 Harmony, Jazz and song writing.

WHO LOVES THEORY!    Not many of us until now.

Contact Info:

Address: 625 Railway Ave, Nanaimo, BC, V9R 4L1

Phone: (250) 716-9288

E-Mail: dianalilley@telus.net