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Dear Diana,


I began piano lessons at seven. I still remember my first teacher, who seemed to me to be ancient, but kind.  That year I stumbled through a piece called "The Avalanche" for my first recital. Since then, both as a young girl and an adult, I have had many other teachers, passed my grade seven conservatory with modest results, and scraped through grade two theory. Today those years are all a blur to me sandwiched between my first lessons and now. This passed year has been different.

My learning curb has been huge. I have a new respect for just how mathematical and precise are the scales and chords of music.
To my great surprise, with the help of your enlightening tips, I have even mastered some by memory and have a much better understanding of the many ways in which chords can be arranged and played. More importantly, you have unlocked their mystery for me and given me a new beginning.
You also gave me the space I needed to dispel my first nervous fears and grow in confidence.
Like my first teacher, your name and face will remain in my memory always.  Thank-you.
Sincerely  Rosemary

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